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Open a Shop in Spain

Open a Shop in Spain

Spain is a very attractive destination for touristic purposes and opening a shop in this country can become a profitable business, as the investors can benefit from both the large Spanish consumer market and the foreign one. There are numerous types of shops that can be set up here and most of the companies will need to obtain specific business licenses, which can vary depeding on the shop’s main activities. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer legal advice during the registration procedures and can help investors with information on the tax regulations applicable here, as well as on other business aspects usually encountered for this type of activity. 

Location of a Spanish shop 

One of the most crucial aspects when setting up a company in Spain that will operate as a shop refers to its location. As a general rule, a shop should be situated in an area with a high influx of customers, for example, the center of a city or a large commercial area, but this can depend on the specific activities of the respective store.

Another aspect that should be taken into consideration in this case is the size of the premises that will best suit the company’s activities. For example, a bookstore will require a small location, but in the case of a company that will provide electronics devices, a larger location would be more suitable. 

Signing a lease contract in Spain   

Most of the companies that will set up a shop in Spain should also sign a lease contract for the chosen location. The value of the contract can depend on the location, the size of the future store, as well as on the facilities of the premises. Depending on the region in which the store will develop its activities, the value of the rent can vary from EUR 500 to EUR 10,000 per month (in Gran Canaria, for example). 

At the same time, foreign businessmen are allowed to purchase a property in Spain for commercial purposes. For example, premises that can operate in the catering industry (as bars, pubs or restaurants) are available for purchase at prices ranging from EUR 25,000 to EUR 280,000 (in cities such as Barcelona or Mallorca). 

The registration procedure is performed following the standard incorporation, which can be further detailed by our team of Spanish lawyers. At the same time, it is recommended to perform commercial due diligence prior to signing a contract in Spain, to verify if the respective location has any hidden flaws.

There are also other aspects that should be performed when opening a Spanish shop, such as signing an insurance contract and hiring employees. Investors are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for assistance on other compulsory aspects related to this topic.