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Criminal Lawyers in Spain

Criminal Lawyers in Spain

Criminal lawyers in Spain are specialized in offering legal advice and representation in front of the Spanish authorities and courts for matters that are regulated by the criminal lawCriminal law can cover numerous aspects, ranging from money laundering, white collar crimes (fraud and other illegal financial procedures) to extraditions. 

If you need legal counselling on criminal law or you are in need of criminal defenseour Spanish law firm remains at your disposal; if you contact us, we will address your case to our criminal defense team, where your case will be analyzed and the lawyers will create a defense strategy. In the following article, you are invited to find out more information on criminal law and the areas it covers. 

How can our criminal lawyers in Spain help clients?

Our team can offer its legal services to both individuals and companies, as both categories of persons can be the subjects of the criminal competence. One of the areas in which our team is specialized is tax fraud, which refers to the procedures through which any person or company does not pay its taxes to the local institutions. 

Not paying the necessary taxes to the Spanish institutions as per the regulations of the law is considered a crime, and therefore, one can be charged in various scenarios (not paying the taxes, omitting to pay taxes as a municipal or federal level, etc.). 

However, it must be noted that not all tax omissions or the intentional tax evasions are to be charged following the rules of the criminal law. For this, specific requirements have to be met, and they can be explained by our team of criminal lawyers in Spain

Our team of Spanish lawyers is also able to represent clients that are charged for money laundering; regardless if a person is wrongly accused or if the person has had a direct implication in money laundering, the person is entitled to be represented by a lawyer or by a team of lawyers in front of the local courts. 

Money laundering defines the procedure through a person, a group of persons or companies create illegal mechanisms through which illicit money are introduced on a given market or on more markets. Such money are obtained by trading goods on the black market or they are obtained from illegal activities and therefore, the procedure is highly beneficial to the parties involved, but creates economic and financial implications at a societal level. 

Another way in which our criminal lawyers in Spain can help clients is by representing them in cases of extraditions; they are complicated legal procedures, which involve the Spanish authorities and the authorities of another state. In practice, there are only two types of extraditions – the one in which the Spanish authorities request the authorities of another state to extradite a person who is a Spanish national, and the other one, when the Spanish authorities are asked to extradite a foreigner from the Spanish territory.  

What is the crime rate in Spain? 

Crime rate in Spain varies based on the Spanish region. The rate is compound by taking into consideration various types of crimes, murder and other criminal acts against persons, besides the ones presented above, as they are also regulated by the criminal law. The size of the population is also an important factor, along with the economic and social characteristics of each region. Below, our law firm in Spainhas prepared few highlights regarding this subject: 

  • the highest criminal rate in Spain is registered in the region of Andalusia, accounting for 20.09%;
  • in Catalonia, the criminal rate stands at 15.33%, with homicide having the highest rate among all other criminal offences;
  • Valencia stands out as a region where criminal offence against the freedom of the person is the highest (14.62%);
  • in the Canary Islands, the highest proportion of criminal offences is observed in the category of sex crimes (the rate is 6.76%);
  • Madrid, a very populous region of the country, has a criminal rate of 10.41%, with homicide as the most concerning issue (from all the criminal offences, homicide accounts for 14.06%). 

What other legal situations are considered criminal cases in Spain?

This article refers to only few of the legal matters that are regulated by the Spanish criminal law. The overall list of possible situations that fall under this category is rather extensive and we invite you to request information on this subject from our criminal lawyers in Spain

Our Spanish law firm can help you in any of the following: shoplifting, theft, burglary, internet crimes, trafficking of illegal products, weapons traffic, obstruction of justice, minor related matters, fake documents (IDs, driver licenses, passports). For more information, we invite you to contact our team of lawyers in Spain.