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Open a Recruitment Company in Spain

Open a Recruitment Company in Spain

Investors who want to open a recruitment company in Spain need to know the basic company incorporation requirements, the profile of the average job seeker in Spain as well as the workforce trends. A recruitment agency will work for the client (the company looking for personnel), but at the same time mind the qualifications and profile of the individual applying for an open position.

recruitment company in Spain can provide services for a wide range of industries at all position levels or work in just a few business fields. Our lawyers in Spain can assist you, if you want to open a recruitment company in Spain.

The Spanish recruitment company: a short description

recruitment company has the task of matching an available job position with the right candidate. Successful companies are those that can manage to obtain a high percentage of satisfaction after a good match, both from the employer and the employee.

The Spanish workforce is talented, multilingual and there are many young potential employees. The recruitment company will mainly provide services that consist of permanent staff recruitment, but certain types of companies that operate in this field can also provide payroll services or human resources consultancy services.

Recruitment companies will also need to be well informed about the employment legislation in Spain and the requirements for companies that want to hire foreign personnel. Our law firm in Spain is prepared to work with foreign companies and can help you establish a solid legal base for your employee recruitment services.

Company formation in Spain

Regardless of the chosen business field, the business start-up costs in Spain will depend on the chosen type of company, the fees payable to Spanish notaries for various documents and/or powers of attorney, the minimum share capital for the company and other costs associated with renting an office space or purchasing a property in Spain.

Our attorneys in Spain can help you with taxation compliance services. Your company will need to observe the taxation principles and also be registered for VAT purposes. 

If you want to register your company, you can contact our law firm in Spain