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Open a Real Estate Business in Spain

Open a Real Estate Business in Spain

Spain is not only a popular tourist destination but also a country of choice for many foreigners looking to purchase a property in one of its iconic cities and beach resorts. Investors who open a real estate business in Spain can offer their services both to locals and to foreigners. This type of business can be foreign owned and run and these types of agencies can focus their services solely for foreign customers willing to purchase property in Spain.

Our team of lawyers in Spain describes the main steps needed to open a real estate business in the country and the basic requirements for company registration.

Real estate agencies in Spain

The services offered by a real estate agency in Spain are often worth while for many home buyers. It is common practice for the real estate agent to work on commission and although these costs will add up to the ones related to the total value of the home purchase, the expertise of a specialized agent can help customers find the property of their dreams.

Real estate agencies in Spain will specialize in all services related to property purchase and sale. Clients who wish to sell a home can benefit from specialized services just as much as those clients looking to purchase a property. Most companies in Spain in the real estate business will offer complete services for customers, including open house services and full assistance for finding a property that meets the client’s criteria. 

Starting a business in Spain

Opening a real estate business in Spain is a simple process that can be further simplified when requesting specialized assistance. One of our lawyers in Spain can give you complete information and guidance on the steps needed before you can register the company, starting with choosing the right type of legal entity. 

Another option for investors is to purchase an existing real estate business. Buying an existing company will mean that the new owner will save the time needed for business registration but it will also involve an additional company due diligence step. Our team of attorneys in Spain can help you buy an existing company.

Contact our law firm in Spain for complete assistance for opening a business and for any details regarding the legislation for investments.