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Listing on Stock Exchange in Madrid

Listing on Stock Exchange in Madrid

Spain has four stock exchange entities in its main cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao and the most important of them is the one from the capital of the country, called Bolsa de Madrid. This entity was founded in 1831 and presently it is owned by Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles and managed by Sociedad Rectora de la Bolsa de Valores de Madrid. Nearly 1,500 local and foreign companies are listed on Stock Exchange in Madrid.

A company that needs to be listed on the Stock Exchange in Madrid is required to meet certain conditions and these are different according to the type of the shares – local or foreign.

Conditions for foreign investors

The foreign issuer of shares needs to own a minimum capital of EUR 1.202.025, not including the part of the shareholders with a stake of minimum 25%. Another requirement for the issuer is to present the business information for the last three years and audited accounts for the last two years. Bolsa de Madrid asks that the profits obtained by a company in the previous two years or three non-consecutive years in a five-year period should be enough for distributing a dividend of minimum 6%.

The video below offers information on how to list a company on the Stock Exchange in Madrid, Spain

There are other additional requirements and if you are interested in finding out more, you may contact our law firm in Spain. Our Spanish attorneys will help you list your company on the Stock Exchange in Madrid.

The documents necessary for listing must be translated and legalized in the country of origin of the company.

How to list a company

The procedure of listing a company on the Stock Exchange in Madrid consists in presenting the required documents to the National Securities Market Commission and to Bolsa in Madrid. After listing, the companies should submit information periodically, including legal and economic details that may affect the stocks and which will be public. The information is necessary in order to set a correct price for the stocks.

The companies must have a budget for listing that includes the costs for management, fees for the Stock Exchange and for the National Securities Market Commission and the Settlement Service.

For more information about listing a company on the Stock Exchange in Madrid, you may contact the specialists from Bolsa or our lawyers in Spain who provide a wide range of legal services for foreign investors.