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Resolve Shareholders Disputes in Spain

Resolve Shareholders Disputes in Spain

Shareholders are the partners in a business, who own the rights on the company’s activities and profits in accordance with the value of shares they have in that respective company. At times, the shareholders can enter into various disputes, which can be resolved in accordance with the applicable law in SpainOur team of Spanish lawyers can offer legal assistance to the investors who are in need of a solution in a shareholder dispute

How to resolve a shareholders dispute in Spain 

Spanish authorities have imposed the rules and regulations applicable in the European Union’s area, as the country became a member state in 1986. Such conflicts can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as arbitration or mediation

Arbitration in Spain is performed by an impartial arbitrator, who is familiar with the respective field and who can provide his input. However, if the parts fail to agree upon the terms, the case can be presented in front of a Spanish court

ADR methods are recommended in the situation in which the parties can reach an amicable solution as the costs are lower and the time invested in the procedure is much shorter than if the case would be brought in the court. As a general rule, the costs for ADR are usually shared between the parties; our team of Spanish attorneys can offer more details on each procedure. 

Types of shareholders disputes in Spain 

Our Spanish lawyers can provide assistance for a wide area of shareholders disputes that can arise from contractual issues, false allegations and many others. 

Some of the most common shareholders disputes are the following: 

• breach of the provisions of a contract;

contractual disputes;

shareholders and directors misconduct;

• false allegations;

• conflicts arising between minority shareholders

• various types of financial disputes, such as those referring to dividend matters;

• fraud; 

intellectual property disputes

Businessmen interested in resolving shareholders disputes in Spain can address to our Spanish law firm for legal representation.