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Open an Amazon Store in Spain

Open an Amazon Store in Spain

With a population of more than 40 million citizens, Spain has a developed online community, which is gradually increasing. In 2015, the total number of Spanish online users reached 21.6 million, while in 2017, it increased to 23.6 million. The estimates are showing that by 2021Spain will have approximately 30 million online users, so opening a business in the online sector could represent an attractive way of investing in this country. 

In order to open a company in Spain in the online sector, the investors may set up a website or they may register on the Amazon platformOur team of lawyers in Spain can advise on the main procedures that should be followed in the latter case. 

Top e-commerce activities in Spain 

Investors who are considering starting an e-commerce business in Spain should know that the total value of the market is $17 billion, while the top traded products are the following:

fashion items;


hobby and do-it-yourself (DIY) products

By 2021, the above mentioned items will still be the leading e-commerce products and the market share for these categories of products will further increase. The total value of the fashion products sold through online platforms will reach $11 billion

The following video provides a short description on the registration of an Amazon store in Spain

Minimum requirements for Amazon stores in Spain  

As a part of the Amazon online platform, the investors will have to follow the standard registration requirements imposed to companies with commercial activities on the Spanish territory. This means that the respective online business should be represented by a legal entity; then, it should register for taxation purposes (including value added tax) or set up a corporate bank account and our team of Spanish lawyers can offer further advice on the steps that are to be followed in this case. 

When operating through the Amazon platform, the company’s clients should be able to complete online transactions, which are generally carried out through a PayPal account. A similar procedure can also be implemented by setting up a merchant account. Spain offers numerous types of merchant accounts, which can accept a wide range of credit cards, both domestic and foreign. 

As a general rule, the Spanish customers prefer to purchase online products by using credit cards, while the other top option is represented by the PayPal account

Investors are invited to address to our law firm in Spain for professional advice on how to set up an online business