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Obtain Information about a Spanish Company

Obtain Information about a Spanish Company

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to conclude a business with a Spanish company and who need to find out more information about their business partners have the possibility to ask for the required details at the local Trade Register – Central Mercantile Register. This entity owns a database that contains information about all the companies registered in Spain, with the Regional Mercantile Registers.

A person who is interested in finding out details about a Spanish company can access this database where he/she can find information registered since 1990, the year when the institution was set up. Our team of laywers in Spain can offer in-depth advice on the procedure involved in this case. 

The Trade Register in Spain 

The institution operates under the Section 379 of the Mercantile Register Regulations

The information from the Central Mercantile Register is only for informative purposes and it can be obtained after you sign a contract with a Spanish provider and pay a fee. You will be given a password for entering the database and then you will have free access to the information on the Spanish companies. The information is available in Spanish and English and it is simple to use and our team of Spanish lawyers can offer further details on this subject. 

However, those interested in obtaining information on the Spanish companies may also acces the database without a prior agreement, but it is compulsory to pay a tax by a using a credit card. 

Certain company documents can be obtained only if they are specifically requested by e-mail or messaging services.

When searching for a certain legal entity operating in Spain, the parties interested in this matter may search by the following: 

company’s trading name;

company’s representatives;

by projects

More details on how to obtain information on the Spanish companies are available in the presentation below: 

After paying a minimum fee, you will have access to basic information about a Spanish company, such as: 

the name of the directors;

tax ID;

the address of the registered office

For detailed information, you have to ask for a certificate that can be obtained if you go in person to the local Mercantile Register. The addresses of the local Mercantile Registers are to be found on the main page of the Trade Register.

EBR, another trustful source of information

Another method to obtain the required information is to search for it at the European Business Register (ERB) that can be accessed online. The ERB gathers information at a European level on the companies registered with the official institutions operating in the member states of the European Union (EU)

EBR provides information on more than 20 million companies operating in the EU and those interested in this subject may also obtain the following documents: 

articles of association;

annual accounts;

annual returns;

balance sheets;

profit and loss statements.

Each country has an official distributor of corporate information and the provider of this service for Spain is Colegio de Registradores de la Propriedad y Mercantiles de España.

If you don’t want to search for the details you need at the local Trade Register or through EBR, you have the possibility to contact private providers that will handle your request. You will have to pay a fee of minimum EUR 20 and the information will be delivered in the language you requested. If you need certain details about a company or legal assistance for a business matter, you may contact our law firm in SpainOur Spanish lawyers provide a wide range of legal services for foreign investors all over the world.

Currently there are over five million companies registered in Spain and obtaining information about your business partners is very important in order to avoid or reduce any commercial and financial risks.