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Land Registry in Spain

Land Registry in Spain

After the purchase of a property in Spain, our Spanish lawyers can assist you in completing the necessary steps to register it with the local Land Registry (Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad, Mercantiles y de Bienes Muebles de España). To successfully buy a land in Spain, it is essential to understand and follow the country’s specific legal procedures. The Spanish Land Registry has over 1,000 offices all around the country and it has a large database containing the names of the owners and details about every plot in SpainOur team of Spanish lawyers can assist foreign nationals with more details on the process of registration applicable in this case. 

 Quick Facts  
Purpose of Land Registry in Spain

– recording property ownership,

– registering property transactions,

– recording property liens,

– offers legal security,

– facilitate real estate transactions, etc.

Information provided by Land Registry


– nota simple (brief extract of the information about the property),

– certificación (document signed by the Registrar, confirming current and past property information)

Land Registry extract – characteristics

It provides details to identify the property, including:

– the name of the municipality,

– Land Registry office,

– registry section,

– Land Registry property number,

– ownership information,

– property status, etc.

IDUFIR number – characteristics

IDentificador Único de FInca Registral (IDUFIR) can be obtained through the Land Registry extract and helps single out a specific property in Spain.

Language of Land Registry documents

Spanish – Our lawyers can help you translate the documents.

Time for obtaining documents

1 – 4 working days (approx.)

Fees for obtaining documents

Between 3 and 30 euros + VAT – Contact our Spanish lawyers for the exact fee in your case.

Registering property at the Land Register in Spain

– purchase property,

– draft documents,

– pay fees and taxes associated with the purchase,

– submit documents to Land Registry,

– receive certificate as proof of registration, etc.

When to use Land Registry services

– property or land purchase in Spain,

– renovation of properties,

– obtaining bank loans,

– division of assets between heirs,

– registering ownership rights, etc.

Locations of Land Registry in Spain

Over 1,000 offices all around the country, in each municipality.

You can contact our lawyers in Barcelona if you need services in that specific area.

Land registration mandatory on Spanish islands (YES/NO)

YES, if you buy land in Tenerife or Mallorca, for example, you need to register at the local registry.

Real estate due diligence

Due diligence in real estate transactions involves a thorough examination of various factors, including those related to the Land Registry.

Public Land Registry access (YES/NO)

YES, as long as the interests are legitimate.

Advantages of registering a land in Spain

– legal confirmation of property ownership,

– property protection,

– provides access to information about properties,

– makes real estate transactions efficient, etc.


Our property lawyers in Spain will help you with:

– registration at your local Land Registry,

– obtaining the extract,

– guidance in other real estate related matters.

Assistance in buying real estate in Spanish cities

Our skilled lawyers in Spain are here to support you throughout the process of acquiring real estate in Spanish urban centers. Additionally, we provide assistance for transactions in Spanish islands, like buying land in Tenerife.

If you are interested to acquire a property in Madrid, we invite you to address to our team of lawyers in Madrid, who can represent you in all the procedures concerning the Land Registry, as well as in the procedures prior to addressing this institution. 

Before starting negotiations on buying land or property in Madrid, it’s recommended to conduct background checks. You can request the document known as “Nota simple”, which provides information about the property’s owner, debts, and characteristics. Our certified Spanish attorneys can check the legal background of the property and request this document, ensuring that everything is in order. Our lawyer’s involvement is crucial in this step to verify the property’s legal status.

Our team can review and advise on the “contrato de arras,” which is a pre-agreement committing both the buyer and seller to finalize the sale. This is a significant step when buying a property in Spain.

Our Madrid lawyers can also assist with the title transfer process, making sure that all required documents are prepared and submitted correctly.

Our team can also help you purchase a property in other cities of Spain. We invite you to contact our lawyers in Barcelona if you are interested in commercial or residential properties located here. We also have knowledge of the municipal regulations in each Spanish region, and we can help you ensure your intended use of the land complies with local laws. You can also ask for our advice when buying land in Mallorca or other Spanish islands.

We invite you to address to our real estate lawyers in Spain if you need advice on prices for real estate properties sold for residential/commercial purposes. 

Our team will present the types of documents that you have to prepare for this procedure depending on your nature (the seller/the buyer), as well as details on the property taxes charged to each party. Please mind that notary fees will also apply. 

Information about lands in Spain

If a foreign investor or a foreign individual wants information about a certain land in Spain that may be an opportunity for investment, he or she may turn to our experienced attorneys in Spain. Our legal experts can ask for detailed information at the local Land Registry.

This includes details about the owner of a certain land and other useful information necessary for a thorough due diligence process before making a purchase. This due diligence procedure allows the buyer to uncover any potential restrictions or hidden issues associated with the property or land. Conducting due diligence is done by thoroughly examining the Spanish Land Register. Real estate due diligence is also recommended when buying land in Tenerife. 

Although the due diligence procedure is not mandatory, it is recommended to perform this action to verify if a certain property or land may have hidden flaws. 

Due diligence can be performed by our real estate lawyers in Spain.

Below, we present more details on the Land Registry in Spain

The Land Registry will issue a certificate related to a property which contains information about a certain territory and this can be used in the Spanish courts, if it may be necessary. You may find out details about the ownership history, exact size, its delimitation, a full description of the property, the title deeds of the previous owners, charges, mortgages, limitations and other details which may be of interest. 

Land Registry processes in Spain can be complex and involve various legal documents and requirements. Our Spanish lawyers can help you navigate these complexities, ensuring that all paperwork is in order and submitted correctly. It’s essential to follow the legal process and properly register and buy the land in Spain to secure your property rights.

Buying land in Mallorca or Tenerife

Our real estate lawyers in Spain can also help you if you are interested in buying land in Mallorca, one of the most popular islands in the country. Here is the process of how our team can assist you.

Firstly, our lawyers will help you interpret the information from the Land Register and verify the property boundaries. Next, our team will review the covenants, conditions, and restrictions for the area where the land is located and ensure that they align with your intended use. We will also conduct a thorough title search to ensure the property title is clear of any legal claims. 

If you are competing with other buyers to buy land in Mallorca, we can assist in negotiations and help you make a competitive offer.

An important step is verifying whether the land has the necessary building permissions by checking with the local town hall. Our team of Spanish lawyers can research and provide information on the zoning laws applicable to the land, and any building restrictions or regulations that apply.

We also offer assistance for individuals interested in buying land in Tenerife, another extraordinary island located in Spain.

A lawyer’s involvement in the property purchase process in Tenerife is crucial, especially for legal advice, ensuring due diligence, and protecting your interests throughout the transaction. 

Our law firm in Spain offers services in many parts of Spain, including autonomous communities like Mallorca or Tenerife. We have experience in the purchase procedure of buying land in Spain and its regions.

The main advantage of registering a land in Spain

After the purchasing procedure and registration are completed, the ownership rights are transferred to the person who has bought the respective property

Our Spanish law firm is here to guide and assist you throughout this process to ensure a smooth transition of ownership

It is important to know that the rights of the owner are protected by Spanish law and, if it may be necessary, such rights can be defended in the court, based on the documents received from the Land Registry and other entities which can testify to the validity of the new ownership

The registration of land protects a property from being sold twice or being sold under unlawful conditions. There were certain issues related to the ownership of lands in southern Spain, so it is very important to register land immediately after you purchase it.

The foreign entrepreneurs interested in buying a property in Spain have access to information services of the Spanish Land Registry from where they can find out details about a certain land in exchange for a fee. The information can be translated into English.

The Land Registry in Spain is an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Justice; it is important to know that the registration procedure is started by the person who is interested in purchasing a property here. 

Please note that this information applies when buying land in Spain and its islands and autonomous communities. Our lawyers can provide more guidance about the Land Registry when buying land in Mallorca or Tenerife. 

Statistics about real estate in Spain

Individuals involved in the property market in Spain can study these statistics to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and identify opportunities in a dynamic real estate landscape:

  • During the second quarter of 2022, most foreign buyers for houses in Spain were British citizens, representing roughly eight percent of the overall foreign buyers;
  • Around 174,000 residential real estate deals were recorded in Spain in the final quarter of 2022;
  • The percentage of home ownership in Spain in 2021 was 75.8%;
  • In August 2022, Barcelona, Madrid, and Donostia – San Sebastian were among the most profitable cities in Spain for renting a house. Our lawyers in Barcelona can help individuals seeking to rent their properties. 

For more details regarding properties, and the Land Register in Spaincontact our specialists. We can advise you on the purchase procedure of any real estate matter, on both the mainland and Spanish islands, like buying land in Tenerife.