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Eviction in Spain

Eviction in Spain

Tenancy laws in Spain regulate the rights of the landlord and the tenant but also the grounds for eviction in Spain. While most of these rules were oriented towards protecting the tenant, more recent legislative changes award a greater degree of protection to the property owners.

Landlords are not allowed to use coercive measures to force ill-paying tenants out of the property. Their option for evicting tenants is to start legal action with the help of law firm in Spain.

Landlord’s rights in Spain

Landlords in Spain can protect themselves from unwanted situations through a thorough selection process and include certain clauses in the rent agreement that will allow them to take quick and efficient actions if the tenant does not pay the agreed rent.

Rental insurance is an option provided by some insurance companies. This can offer needed coverage should the landlord need to start a legal action against the tenant. This helps the landlord be insured in case of property damage caused by the tenant or for the lawyer’s fees during the eviction process.

If you are a landlord you can contact our law firm in Spain for more information about the legal rights you have when renting a property for a company in Spain or an individual.

The rent agreement in Spain

If needed, the eviction process can be simplified with the help of a well drafted rent agreement. An arbitration clause can be included in this document. The process is much faster than a trial and it can also be less costly for both parties. 

Eviction in Spain can also take place as a result of failure to make the necessary mortgage payments. It is advisable that landlords take more legal measures if their property is rented and they also have to make mortgage repayments. This way they can avoid bank repossession.

One of our attorneys in Spain can help you draft a tenancy agreement that will be beneficial both for the landlord and the tenant.

You can contact our law firm in Spain if you are a landlord that is having problems or if you want to rent a property and need to know more about the laws in force.