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Compensations for Personal Injuries in Spain

Compensations for Personal Injuries in Spain

In some countries of Europe, including Spain, the compensations for personal injuries claims are calculated taking into account some aspects, primarily maintenance needs. In Spain, personal injuries compensations are set and fixed by following the criteria and rules of the law of civil liability and motor vehicles insurances (RDL), the amount being decided depending on various aspects, like age of the victim or other things. 

Personal injuries may cause the victim: 

  • – physical injury;
  • – moral damages as a result of the injury (to him/her and the family);
  • – economic loss (for future earnings as well);
  • – full loss of capacity or partial one;
  • – death.

Sometimes it is challenging to establish what a fair amount would be necessary for the compensation of the injury. If you need assistance in asking for the compensation after you or someone you know has suffered an accident, you can contact our lawyers in Spain who will make sure that your case will be clarified and fairly compensated.

Permanent damages in Spain are calculated by a system containing points, the compensation increasing with the number of points and also with the gravity of the injury itself. 

Types of Personal Injuries in Spain

There are various types of personal injuries you can suffer from and here are some of them:

• Workers’ personal injuries which involve an employee becoming injured or disabled at work. The compensations in this case are always tax-free and cover medical care, rehabilitation costs for the worker and lost income. You can also be granted the Employers’ Liability Coverage which applies when the employer is liable and which can cover:

– bodily injury by accident;

– bodily injury by disease.

Employers are obliged by law to provide the coverage for their workers. The employees can benefit from 100% coverage of medical expenses, a sum for disabilities, death benefit (which is granted to relatives) etc. 

• Compensations for accidents on public roads (in which case the payment usually comes from the guilty party). 

• Compensations for medical malpractice done to someone (which are generally taken care of by the private hospital, medical cabinet etc, in case the private unit is held guilty) or simply by the state, if it is a state medical unit or a state hospital).

Our law firm in Spain can protect the rights of any injured victim, handling all types of accidents and injury claims. An injury lawsuit can be pursued as well, if the damage done to you is caused by some sort of negligence. Our Spanish attorneys can help you seek compensation for injuries, lost salaries, medical expenses etc., by filing an injury claim.