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Wealth Management in Spain

Wealth Management in Spain

Large companies and individuals with high income use to hire specialists in wealth management who will provide assistance for their financial matters and advice them regarding the opportunities for investments that may include Spain, a country with a high potential. Wealth management services are useful especially for foreign businessmen in Spain who are interested in different alternatives of investing their money and finding legal ways for minimizing the taxes they have to pay for the public budget. For the latter option, the investors may contact a Spanish lawyer specialized in this field, who can offer them important tips for their economic activity, according to the legal rules.

Financial planning can be complicated for a foreign investor who is performing different types of businesses, in different countries all over the world, where certain types of rules apply. He needs to know where he must pay the taxes, how he can transfer the dividends, invest his money and make payments. A Spanish attorney will provide legal services regarding all these actions and he will make sure that the legal requirements are observed.

Special rules for US citizens

For US citizens who are interested in doing business in Spain, there are certain requirements to observe as they remain US taxpayers even if they have the residence in other country. That is why they need an experienced wealth manager who knows the US regulations and how to apply them for the investors in Spain.

The specialists in wealth management provide also a wide range of financial services, from portfolio management and investment alternatives to solutions for different financial issues.

The wealth planning services include professional advice for real estate investments, financial planning, corporate solutions etc.

Our lawyers in Spain  offer a wide range of legal services for international clients.