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Solicitors in Nerja

Solicitors in Nerja

Nerja is a city located in the region of Malaga and it is generally seen as a touristic region. However, the city’s life is a complex one, where one can find numerous other industries; oftentimes, persons living here or those who have set up their own company will need legal services that can be offered by solicitors in Nerja

If you are a foreigner and want to relocate to Nerja, you can easily address to our team of lawyers in Spain for legal advice on the immigration procedures that you must follow, which will vary based on your nationality (the Spanish law distinguishes between the citizens of the European Union (EU) and non-EU citizens). 

Also, if you are a Spanish person or a foreign businessman and you want to enter the business market in Nerja, in the tourism industry or another business sector, our law firm in Spain remains at your disposal with in-depth legal information on any area of law that you may be interested in. 

Legal advice on property law in Nerja, Spain 

Given that the Nerja is a touristic region of Spain and given the fact that numerous foreigners are interested not only in visiting the country, but also acquiring their own properties here, our solicitor in Nerja has prepared a set of legal services designed to assist those interested in property matters. Our lawyer in Spaincan help you with the following: 

  • legal advice and legal representation in purchasing properties for commercial or residential purposes;
  • preparing the documentation necessary for the sale of the property;
  • preparing the sale contract and verifying if the contract respects all the requirements of the law;
  • our solicitor in Nerja can also provide due diligence services, through which the lawyer will verify through specific methods if the property is sold in good faith;
  • our lawyer can also represent our clients in cadastral matters and registering the new property owner with the local institutions. 

What are the main tax services for foreigners in Nerja?

Our lawyers in Spain can provide various tax services to local and foreign clients, who can be individuals or persons representing corporate bodies. You can send your inquiry to our solicitor in Nerja regardless of your legal personality and our lawyers will provide an answer as soon as possible:

  • if you are a company, our lawyer can help you register for corporate tax, which is currently charged at a rate of 25%;
  • if you respect the criteria for small businesses, you can benefit from a lower tax, of only 15%;
  • those who will set up a company in Nerja will also need to pay the value added tax, which is currently charged at a rate of 21% (our lawyer can help you in the process of VAT registration);
  • natural persons can be assisted by our attorney in the process of registering for the payment of the personal income tax, currently charged at a rate of 19% for the lower income bracket, which is established up to an income of EUR 6,000;
  • the personal income tax rates are charged progressively at 21%, 23% and 26%, depending on the taxable income. 

Please mind that foreigners can be exempted from the payment of the personal income tax in certain conditions, which can be detailed by our law firm in SpainOur lawyer in Nerja can also help you obtain the tax identification number for foreigners, amongst other tax services our law firm can provide. You can also request information on when you should register with the Spanish Tax Agency as a foreigner. 

What are the main corporate services in Nerja?

If you represent a company that is interested in expanding in Nerja, you can count on our team for legal representation through the entire company registration process. Our solicitor in Nerja has an in-depth experience in numerous corporate matters such as: setting up a joint venture, mergers and acquisitions, company liquidations, drafting and signing commercial contracts and others. 

You can also rely on our lawyer if you want to register a branch office or a subsidiary in Nerja, or if you need to obtain business permits and licenses. Our solicitor in Nerja can help you select the company type that is most suitable for your business needs, available capital and other resources and can help you make an informed decisions when starting a business here. 

Besides these, our Spanish law firm can represent you in the relation with the local institution when opening a company here, through the power of attorney, a legal documents that grants our team with specific rights, in accordance to your wishes. For more information on how our team can help you, please send your inquiries to our solicitor in Nerja. You can contact us for advice on the immigration rules available here, as well as for the procedures imposed when applying for a visa or a residence permit.