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Solicitors in Malaga

Solicitors in Malaga

If you are in Spain and you want to receive legal services in the region of Malagaour solicitors are ready to provide legal advice or to represent you in the relation with various Spanish institutions or even in front of the court, where this applies. 

Our solicitor in Malaga can offer a wide range of legal services, which are addressed to both natural persons and legal entities. Of course, our team can represent foreigners, individuals and businesses alike, in numerous matters. For instance, our law firm in Spain can help foreigners in the process of obtaining a visa in this country and a residence permit, which provides the right to lawfully live here. 

What are the main legal services for companies in Malaga?

If you want set up a business in Malaga, you can address to our Spanish lawyers for any legal or tax matter that is necessary for a business once it becomes operational – registering the employees for social security, obtaining any business permits and licenses that may be required for your object of activity (you can modify and add new objects of activity over the time) or preparing tax forms. 

Our solicitor in Malaga can represent foreign persons who want to open a business here, in any matter that pertains to the registration of a company. In the list below, you can find few of the ways in which our law firm in Spain can be of service:

  • the procedure for incorporating a local business (obtaining a trading name, signing the incorporation papers);
  • obtaining a business address for the company (this can be achieved through the services of a virtual office as well);
  • registering a branch office or a subsidiary  – a common way to start a company in Malaga for foreign companies expanding on new markets;
  • drafting documents, contracts or agreements following the applicable law;
  • developing due diligence services which can be necessary when purchasing an office space or a property. 

Our lawyers can represent investors in other matters, as follows: offering tax services, preparing the documents required for mergers and acquisitions, dealing with the legal process of purchasing or selling a company, establishing partnerships or helping in the process of company liquidations. 

What services can our solicitor in Malaga provide to individuals?

Individuals can be represented by our team of lawyers in Spain in any legal matter that can be related to the daily life of a person – for instance, for foreigners, we can provide immigration services (obtaining visas, residence permits, applying for permanent residency, obtaining Spanish citizenship). For clients interested in moving from Spain to another country, for example to the US, our team of lawyers recomends this team of immigration lawyers in Miami who can assist them through the entire relocation procedure.

Our solicitor in Malaga can provide legal representation in divorce matters and any other aspect that is derived from here, such as the division of the family assets, child custody, child maintenance, helping parents prepare legal documents when leaving abroad with minor children (necessary for non-custodial parents). 

You can address to our law firm in Spain in the situation in which you need legal advice on wills and inheritance matters, as well as on legal aspects related to properties – selling or buying a local property, renting a property in Malaga, legal advice on joint ownership of properties. 

These are only few of the ways in which our solicitor in Malaga can assist individuals and if you need more details on other services designed for natural persons, you can always rely on our lawyers for additional information. We also inform you that our team can represent you in litigation cases related to any of the above mentioned. 

What are the highlights of the city of Malaga?

Malaga is a sunny, beautiful region of Spain, where foreigners and locals can find numerous opportunities. In the last years, the Ayuntamiento de Malaga has developed numerous projects that turned Malaga into a smart, connected city (regarding the public transportation, parking lots and others), but it also carried projects to sustain the local business environment. Below, you can find few important aspects of the city of Malaga

  • Malaga represents the 6th largest city in Spain (measured by the number of inhabitants);
  • it ranks among the top 10 European cities on the quality of life (in a 2016 Eurobarometer study);
  • in 2016, the gross domestic product growth in Malaga was of 3%;
  • Malaga has created the Andalusian Technological Park, which is comprised of more than 635 companies operating in the IT and technological industries;
  • in 2016, the Andalusian Technological Park employed 17,776 persons. 

If you want to find out more details on the reasons to relocate to Malaga or start a business here, we invite you to contact our Spanish law firm. You can obtain all the necessary information from our solicitor in Malaga, so do not hesitate to contact us.