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Set Up an e-Commerce Company in Spain

Set Up an e-Commerce Company in Spain

Investors who wish to set up an e-Commerce company in Spain have access to a developed market and an easy company incorporation procedure.

Spain is an important European market and one that presents an important potential for developing an online business. Our lawyers in Spain describe the process of entering the e-commerce business and the options available to investors.

The e-Commerce market in Spain

The e-Commerce market in Spain has developed over the last years and consumers have developed unique purchase habits and preferences, tending to favor particular types of products. Among the common online purchases made by Spanish residents, we can list clothing, footwear, consumer electronics and media products and, lastly, food and drink.

Experts estimate that the Spanish e-Commerce market has room for growth, as it is expected that the digital buyer’s population in the country will continue to increase. Individuals have developed a habit of using both desktop, laptop or tablet online sites but have also moved on to using mobile apps for online shopping. 

What to consider when opening a Spanish e-Commerce company

Investors who wish to enter the online commerce market should consider a few key aspects before launching their business. These include offering suitable payment options, including setting up a merchant account, providing shipping services and offering their clients the ability to return the products, under a comprehensive returns policy.

Spain has local online marketplaces as well as international online retail sites. Entrepreneurs can choose to expand their business and export products.

Investors who open an e-Commerce business need to consider not only the actual company formation steps in Spain but also the legal and tax status of their commercial activities. Companies that sell goods in Spain via an e-Commerce website are liable for VAT and for corporate income tax on their profits.

One of our lawyers in Spain can help you understand the tax implications for online businesses in the country. Contact us for more advice and information on how to start a business.