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Set up a Transporting and Storage Company in Spain

Set up a Transporting and Storage Company in Spain

Transporting and storage companies offer solutions for clients who need removal services combined with the facility to store items on long or short-term. 

Investors who set up a transporting and storage company in Spain can address offer services to both individuals and corporations. One of our lawyers in Spain can walk you through the process of starting a business and the particularities of the transport law in the country, especially if you are a foreign investor interested in opening a Spanish business.

Transport and storage solutions in Spain

Transport companies in Spain are essential for individuals and businesses interested in solutions for moving and/or relocating. Some types of companies in Spain will combine transport and storage solutions in order to meet the needs of their clients and offer a wider range of services. Special packages and offers may be awarded to clients who prefer to purchase a transport plus storage package. Storage will typically be arranged in a storage unit, depending on the type and size of the stored items. 

Most storage and transport companies in Spain will be based in a city like Barcelona or Madrid and will offer local services for companies and individuals. However, entrepreneurs also have the option to provide international moving and storage services if they have a fleet of cars suitable for this task. This can be useful for expats but also companies which are interested in relocating to Spain.

The company relocation process is aided by having proper transport and logistics services however, if you are looking for more information on this process, our team of attorneys in Spain can help you.

Company formation in Spain

Company registration in Spain is a straightforward process that can be handled with the help of a team of lawyers or individually. Foreign investors are advised to seek legal counseling before commencing the process, particularly for a better understanding of the Commercial Law and other related matters.

Our team of lawyers can offer you complete legal assistance for opening a company. Contact our law firm in Spain for more information about the services we provide.