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Set up a Consulting Company in Spain

Set up a Consulting Company in Spain

Professionals who have attained a certain level of expertise  in a domain will oftentimes decide to start their own business as consultants. They can offer their services wither to companies or to other individuals.

Entrepreneurs can set up a consulting company in Spain by following a few mandatory procedures for company incorporation. Foreign investors can also choose to offer their consulting services to Spanish companies and they will have the same investment rights as Spanish nationals.

Our team of lawyers in Spain can help you start a business and one of our experts can offer you practical advice about company formation in the country.

Consultants in Spain

A consultant is an individual who is an expert in a particular field and is trained and knowledgeable enough to act as an advisor for a corporation or for other individuals. The market in Spain presents various opportunities for professionals who wish to make their services available, especially in certain business niches. 

Consultants in Spain can open a successful business when they have a well put together business plan and when they are able to provide services that will fulfill specific needs. Many companies in Spain will choose to hire a consultant to handle a certain knowledge gap in a particular case rather than have a full-time employee.

Examples of consulting businesses include accounting, auditing, business, communications and human resources, counselors, software and programming, insurance marketing or publishing. These business fields are general ones and investors in Spain can exploit a particular niche in these sectors.

Opening a consulting business in Spain will mean that investors will have to open a company or set up a sole trader. Moreover, they will need to apply for any needed special permits and licenses and one of our attorneys in Spain can help you during this step.

Opening a business in Spain

Company formation in Spain can be summarized in a few key steps. These include:

– having a business plan;

– choosing an available company name;

– opening a bank account and depositing the capital;

– drawing up the company documents;

– registering the company with the Business Register and for tax purposes.

The experts at our law firm in Spain can help you start a consulting business. Contact us for more information and legal advice on doing business in Spain.