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Set Up a Business for Ship Repair and Maintenance in Spain

Set Up a Business for Ship Repair and Maintenance in Spain

Ship repair and maintenance companies in Spain focus on delivering quality services for vessels that can include both the repair and maintenance per se but also additional services like design and construction. Investors who set up a business for the repair and maintenance of ships in Spain can use their own parts and accessories or those provided by third parties.

Our team of lawyers in Spain details the process of starting a company that activates in the shipbuilding sector. Our agents are also able to provide the needed help for investors who wish to open this type of company.

Types of services provided by companies in the ship repair industry in Spain

Companies in Spain can provide a host of services to vessels, from repair and maintenance to construction and ship conversion. The services will be tailored to the specific project characteristics and can be performed in a dry dock or at sea.

The following list contains examples of some types of services offered by companies in the ship and boat maintenance industry:

  • general repair work: repair works according to the type of vessel, from industrial and fishing vessels to yachts and leisure boats.
  • marine electronics and electrical works: the maintenance, repair, and installation of the electrical works on ships and yachts.
  • vessel maintenance: various services and works designed to maintain the functionality of the ship and prolong its usage; these services can be offered regularly.
  • ship conversion: a separate division involved in repurposing a vessel for a new duty; includes designing, engineering, and technical support. 

Other issues to consider for ship repair companies in Spain

The types of companies in Spain that provide ship maintenance and repair services will offer their services within a shipyard located in the country. Moreover, investors will need to maintain the quality of the workmanship, especially for conversion and shipbuilding services, if they are also provided. Quality control and safety standards are important in this business field, this is why companies need special permits and licenses and will need to comply with a set of general rules and regulations.

Our team of lawyers in Spain can help you throughout the company incorporation procedure and with various other legal services, such as hiring employees for the shipyard in Spain.

Contact us for more information about how our team can help you.