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Set up a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Spain

Set up a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Spain

What is the value of the transport equipment repair market in Spain?  

The value of transport equipment repair market in Spain increased since 2015, when it was estimated at $320 million. In 2017, it reached $328 million, while for the current year, the estimates are showing a total value of $332 million. The values include a wide range of activities carried out in this industry, as presented below:

• the repair and maintenance of animal drawn buggies and wagons;

• the repair and maintenance of invalid carriages and other similar transport equipment;

• the repair and maintenance of railway cars and railway locomotives;

• the repair and maintenance of railway rolling stock and tramway rolling stock;

• the repair and maintenance of transmissions and other locomotive parts

Which are the NACE codes for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment in Spain?  

As a member state of the European Union (EU), Spain applies the same NACE codes for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment available at the level of the EU. Companies operating in this sector are required to select the appropriate NACE codes, in accordance with the business activities carried out on the Spanish territory. Since transport equipment can refer to numerous types of vehicles, the investors may select the C33.1.5 – repair and maintenance of ships and boats or C33.1.6 – repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft

At the same time, the company may choose the Code C33.1.7 – repair and maintenance of other transport equipment, or if the business will be qualified to provide only repair services, the Code C33.1.9 – repair of other transport equipmentOur team of lawyers in Spain can provide further assistance on this matter. 

What are the main registration steps for a business in Spain?  

One of the main steps for registering a company in Spain is to obtain a certificate attesting the company’s trading name and our team of Spanish lawyers can assist with advice on the procedure. Further on, the company’s statutory documents will need to be signed in front of a public notary, a procedure that will last a day, as well as to obtain a tax identification number

Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for in-depth assistance on the registration of a business providing repair services for transport equipmentOur attorneys can assist in specific procedures, such as registering with the Mercantile Register or drafting the company’s articles of association.