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Open Repair of Transport Equipment Company in Spain

Open Repair of Transport Equipment Company in Spain

Transport equipment is used across the world for the transportation of persons and objects and it can include a wide range of vehicles designed for this specific purpose, such as trucks, trailers, cranes, maritime containers, lifting equipment, railroad locomotives and others, as well as their accessories

Since such equipment is exposed to depreciation, it will need constant maintenance and even repair procedures, which have to be delivered by specialized companies that dispose of the necessary tools and specialists who can restore their functions. Such services are delivered by repair/maintenance businesses and our team of lawyers in Spain can advise on the permits that are necessary for such companies

Maintenance services for transport equipment in Spain  

Companies in Spain can deliver numerous types of maintenance services for transport equipment, depending on the type of equipment they are specialized to handle. In order to offer specific maintenance services, the company will need to be certified by the local institutions and our team of Spanish lawyers can provide legal assistance on this matter. Some of the most common maintenance services are the following: 

  • constant inspections that can be carried out at the client’s premises or in the facilities of the repair/maintenance company;
  • • offering replacement equipment while the client’s transport equipment is being repaired or inspected;
  • providing parts for the respective transport equipment at competitive prices;
  • maintenance for a wide category of transport equipment, such as for machinery that runs with combustion engines or electrical machinery

Licenses for repair/maintenance companies in Spain 

Just like any other type of business in Spain, a repair/maintenance company will need to comply with a set of regulations when starting a business activity in this country. One of the requirements in this case, carried at the administration of the city in which the company will perform its activities, refers to licensing the company’s activities, by submitting the “Impreso Normalizado” form

Through this, the investors will specify the activities of the company, provide information regarding the premises in which the daily activities will be carried out as well as the estimated costs regarding the equipment used for repair/maintenance. Other procedures are available in this case and investors are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for in-depth legal assistance.