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Open an Online Shop in Spain

Open an Online Shop in Spain

Spain is one of the main emerging e-commerce countries in Europe and investors can use the country as a springboard to expand internationally.

Investors who open an online shop in Spain will need to observe the main company incorporation steps, the requirements for setting up an online sale platform and those related to online payment methods in Spain.

One of our attorneys in Spain can help you understand the local laws and requirements and start your online business.

E-commerce and online shops in Spain

Spain remains an attractive e-commerce destination for international sellers because it is a developing market, with multiple opportunities for expansion and doing business. There is a high adoption rate for this means of shopping among Spain’s population, especially among individuals with ages between 16 and 24. Spain is one of the most important e-commerce markets in southern Europe when compared to other countries such as Italy or Turkey.

As far as online shop product categories are concerned, Spain has a high ranking for fashion products, followed by toys and hobby products and accessories.

It is predicted that by 2021 the total number of e-commerce users in Spain will increase to approximately 70% of the population and the main customer age groups will be those ranging between 16 and 24 years of age, followed by those between 25 and 34 years of age. Also, according to current predictions, fashion online shops will remain the biggest seller in the e-commerce sector.

Conditions for opening a Spanish online shop

Investors who want to start an online shop in Spain will need to open a company, develop their online shop and supply their chosen products to the customers. An important issue to consider is the preferred online payment options. Spanish users prefer card payments, followed by PayPal payments and cash on delivery. 

One of our lawyers in Spain can help you open a merchant account in order to accept credit or debit card payments for your online shop.

The company incorporation process in Spain is a simple one and can be handled with the help one of one the experts at our law firm in Spain.

Contact us for more information on how to start an online shop or another type of business in Spain.