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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Spain

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Spain

According to the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA), the advertising sector in Spain represented 1.31% of the Spanish GDP at the level of 2017. A company registered in Spain can offer both advertising and marketing services or it can provide specialized services related to advertising or marketing activitiesOur team of lawyers in Spain can advise businessmen on the main procedures that have to be followed when registering a company in a Spanish city

The main characteristics of the Spanish ad/marketing industry 

The Spanish advertising industry benefits from a strong business environment. At the level of 2016, the total number of companies operating in this sector increased by 8.3% compared to the previous year, accounting for 37,920 firms

Businessmen who want to register a company in this industry should know that the employment level reached the rate it had prior to the beginning of the economic crisis that hit numerous European economies. The employment rate in the advertising and marketing sector increased by 15.9%  and our team of Spanish lawyers can assist with more details on the employment regulations available here. 

Besides the technical aspects that should be concluded by any advertising company (equipment designed for creating advertising campaigns), one of the most important assets of this type of business refers to the persons hired to deliver such services

In this sense, it is important to know that Spain provides a suitable environment which prepares students with extensive knowledge in the field of advertising/marketing. The data provided by the AEA showed that the number of students enrolling in advertising studies increased by 7.7%

Main channels to promote advertising in Spain 

Most of the ads created in Spain are provided to the general public through television, while the second main channel is represented by the internet. It is important to know that the internet advertising increased at a rapid pace since 2008. 

Companies may sell ads to newspapers as well or through radio, while the lowest ratio is represented by outdoor commercials

Businessmen can contact our law firm in Spain for in-depth assistance on the marketing services that can be offered by a business operating here.