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Open a Rental and Leasing Company in Spain

Open a Rental and Leasing Company in Spain

Spain’s popularity among tourists is high, especially in cities like Barcelona and Madrid but the country is also a favorite among those looking to buy a vacation home. Rental and leasing companies offer solutions for those who are not particularly looking to purchase but are looking to rent for short or longer periods of time.

Investors who open a rental and leasing company in Spain will need to operate as per the regulations imposed by the real estate regulatory bodies in the country. Our team of lawyers in Spain can help you with the licensing procedures.

Companies that offer rental and leasing services in Spain

Rental and leasing companies in Spain offer short and long-term options for renting property by nationals and foreigners alike. These types of companies will often also provide additional services to their clients. The following list highlights some of the most common services offered by rental and leasing companies in Spain:

  • long-term lease: a service for expats looking to rent a property for a longer period of time, usually for one month and more.
  • short-term lease: a service for tourists in Barcelona, Madrid, Costa del Sol and other regions who wish to rent a property during their holidays.
  • property evaluation: a detailed evaluation for those who need aid in renting/selling their homes, complete with recommendations.
  • property rent services: preparing the owner’s home for rent, and making the necessary preparations for receiving tenants.

Real estate rental and leasing companies can also specialize in certain categories of properties, such as luxury homes.

Our team of attorneys in Spain can help you with complete information about how to hire licensed real estate agents for your company and what the specific qualification requirements are in this business field.

Opening a company in Spain

A company that offers rental and leasing services in a city like Madrid or Barcelona will need to be incorporated and registered with the Central Mercantile Register

One of our lawyers in Spain is able to help you throughout the registration process, especially if you are a foreign investor in the country.

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