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Open a Jewelry Business in Spain

Open a Jewelry Business in Spain

The jewelry industry in Spain includes small and medium-sized local companies but also large international brands. The sector focuses on quality and competitiveness, especially when compared with other European jewelry manufacturers

Investors who want to open a jewelry business in Spain should know the basic steps for company formation and the requirements for companies operating in this field.

One of our lawyers in Spain can help you throughout the company formation process.

The jewelry sector in Spain

The Spanish jewelry sector includes both mid-range accessories and the luxury sector. Spain’s positive evolution, both in economic terms and in terms of employment are thought to have a positive impact on the overall evolution of the jewelry business sector.

Fine jewelry remains one of the top sought-after types of accessories while branded jewelry is also seeing a rise mainly because of younger customers who seem to prefer the association with a brand over choosing a material for their preferred accessories. Jewelry artists and designers can find their unique style and build their trademark image while targeting a specific range of clients. Popular jewelry brands, including international ones, have more than one ranges of products that suit the needs and possibilities of a large range of customers.

Opening a company in Spain

Jewelry designers who want to open their company and sell their products can do so by choosing to set up a traditional jewelry store in cities like Madrid and Barcelona or they can open an online jewelry store. Whether or not they choose to have a physical store or not, investors will need to decide on a proper type of Spanish company, usually the private limited liability company.

Our team of lawyers in Spain can help you prepare the documents needed for company incorporation and then register the new company with the Mercantile Register. The requirements are different for private limited liability companies compared to those for public limited companies.

You can contact our law firm in Spain for detailed information on how to set up a business in the country.