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Open a Company in the Construction Sector in Spain

Open a Company in the Construction Sector in Spain

In order to open a company in Spain in the construction sector, the investors will need to perform certain incorporation steps which are specific to this field. Although the registration procedure will follow the same steps which are prescribed for legal entities operating in various business domains, the construction company will also need to obtain special permits and licenses which will allow the businessmen to perform operations in this industry and our team of Spanish lawyers can offer legal assistance on the above mentioned aspects. 

Register a construction company in Spain 

In order to register a company in Spain in this industry, the investors will first have to choose a legal entity to represent their business. This step is concluded by drafting the company’s statutory documents, which will also have to include the abbreviation of the respective legal entity. 

The registration procedure starts by obtaining a certificate on the uniqueness of the company’s trading name, an operation which is performed at Central Commercial Registry. The investors can propose a trading name on the official website of the institution. 

Later on, the investors should open a corporate bank account in which they will deposit the minimum share capital, as prescribed by the applicable regulations for the business form chosen by the entrepreneurs. Most of the local and foreign businessmen prefer to register a limited liability company and our team of lawyers in Spain can provide further information on the advantages offered by this business structure. 

Business permits for constructions in Spain 

The real estate sector is highly regulated in Spain, as the constructors will need to comply with a set of standards.

As a general rule, the construction or the refurbishment of a real estate property in Spain can be completed if the following business licenses and permits are obtained: 

municipal works permit;

municipal activity permit;

municipal first occupancy permit;

municipal permit to open

Businessmen are invited to contact our Spanish law firm for legal information on the specifications of the above mentioned permits.