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Open a Company in Agriculture in Spain

Open a Company in Agriculture in Spain

Agriculture represents an important economic sector in Spain and business opportunities can be available in this field for investors who want to open a company here. In order to establish a business performing agriculture activities, the businessmen will need to comply with a set of regulations concerning the manner in which such products will be harvested, sold on the local market or exported to another country. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer assistance on obtaining the business permits that will be required when opening an agricultural company

Food Law in Spain  

One of the main rules of law concerning agricultural companies in Spain is the Food Law 2011 (Food Safety and Nutrition Law). The legislation incorporated in its national framework the regulations provided by the European Union (EU), as the country has been a member state since 1986.  

The legislation is applicable for both local and foreign agricultural products and it sets the main institutions which have various supervisory rights on the safety of agricultural products and our attorneys in Spain can offer more details oh how to register a company with the local authorities. 

Investors who want to open a company in Spain in the field of agriculture will need to comply with a set of safety and health rules, enforced by competent authorities, which have the right to perform inspections to verify if the respective products comply with the applicable regulations. 

When registering a company in Spain in the agriculture sector, the investors should know that if they perform import activities for products designed for human consumption, the main authority in the field is the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Gender Equality

Agriculture sub-domains in Spain  

The Spanish agriculture is comprised of specific sub-categories and businessmen who want to start a company here may set up their operations domains such as:


food industry

• beverages industry;

• fresh products;

production of fruits;

production of vegetables

Companies operating in Spain can perform various activities, from growing various vegetables or fruits, to processing activities, packaging and many others. 

It is important to know that Spain applies regulations concerning good agriculture practices, which refer to the production of goods for human consumption with fewer or none pesticides and other similar contaminants, following the EU regulations. 

Please contact our law firm in Spain for more details on the business permits necessary for this industry.