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Open a Business for Repair of Ships and Boats in Spain

Open a Business for Repair of Ships and Boats in Spain

Being a coastal country, Spain benefits from a developed shipping industry and other related sub-sectors. Thus, one of the ways to open a company in Spain is by registering a business for the repair or (and) maintenance of ships and boats, in which case the investors will have to hire specialists who can handle any task related to this business sector. Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide legal assistance on the registration procedure, as well as on the rules of law regulating this activity. 

Types of services of a ship repair/maintenance business in Spain 

Investors opening a company in Spain that delivers repair/maintenance services for ships and boats can choose to perform a wide range of business activities that can be related to the electronics systems of the boat or to its superstructure (deck and cockpit)Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide advice on the main legal requirements applicable for a specific business activity, such as: 

  • • regular check-ups of the engine and the generator of a ship or boat;
  • waxing and polishing the deck and cockpit following specific procedures;
  • non-stop stand-by services for emergency situations that can arise during bad weather;
  • • verification of the boat/ship safety devices (fire extinguisher, life jackets and others), that need to comply with certain standards. 

Hiring boat repair specialists in Spain  

In order to have a successful business, it is compulsory to hire specialists (such as mechanics) who have an in-depth knowledge of the procedures that are involved in this activity. Furthermore, it is necessary to hire licensed specialists, who are able to work in teams and who can complete a wide range of tasks, such as repairing hulls, decks, complete check-up procedures and others. 

Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Spain for more details concerning the registration of a company that operates as a provider of repair/maintenance services. Our team of lawyers can offer consultancy services on the tax regulations that are applicable to this industry.