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Solicitors in Marbella

Solicitors in Marbella

If you live in Marbella or you are interested in relocating here or close a deal on a property or starting a local business, as well as on any other aspect that implies the assistance of professionals in various legal fields, our Marbella solicitors are ready to assist you with advice. 

Our law firm in Spain is specialized in numerous branches of law, divided between corporate matters and legal matters that are of concern for natural persons. From legal advice on how to relocate here as a foreigner or how to purchase/rent a property, to incorporating one of the legal entities prescribed by the Spanish law or assistance on concluding an investment in Marbellaour lawyers can easily represent you. You can also request tax advice or accounting services, these being some of the main services our clients can receive. 

What legal services can individuals receive from our Marbella lawyers?

As a local or foreign natural person, you may need the professional advice or the legal representation of a lawyer in numerous situations. Our Marbella solicitors can advise on the family legislation, on matters such as marriage regulations, divorce procedures, the division of the assets during a divorce, child custody and others. 

Our lawyer can also present the main legal procedures that are applicable here if you have inherited a property or any other asset of importance. If you want to relocate to Marbella and you want to purchase a propertyour attorney can help you in all the steps related to the sale-purchase of the property and if you are the person selling the property, you can also rely on our law firm in Spain, where you can receive legal assistance in preparing the documents for the sale of the property. 

If you are a foreigner wishing to purchase a property, our solicitor in Marbella can represent you in the procedure as well, and you can also receive legal representation on immigration matters – such as obtaining a residence permit, a visa or the Spanish citizenship

For any of the situations mentioned here, our Marbella lawyers can present the list of documents you should provide, the institutions that will be involved in each situation and the steps that have to be completed with each Spanish authority, the taxes and fees that you must pay, so that you can have a clear image on the entire process. 

What are the main regulations applicable to a solicitor in Marbella?

Being a solicitor in Marbella or in any other Spanish region implies that the person must have tertiary studies in his or her field of expertise, be certified by the local institutions and abide by a set of rules that are prescribed under the national law. With regards to this profession, we present the following: 

  • lawyers in Spain are regulated under the Organic Law 6/1985; 
  • in order to be a lawyer in Spain, one has to be a member of the Spanish Bar Association, in accordance with the Royal Decree 658/2001, Article 9; 
  • in order to have the right to practice this profession, one has to obtain a certificate, in accordance with the provisions of the Law 34/2006 and the Royal Decree 775/2011;
  • the regulatory framework regarding the employment of Spanish lawyers is given by the Royal Decree 1331/2006;
  • the basic rule of law under which this profession is recognized in Spain is the Spanish Constitution of 1978. 

What corporate services can our Marbella solicitors provide?

Foreign and local businessmen can easily address to our law firm in Spain for full legal representation on how to register a company in MarbellaOur lawyers can advise you in choosing a suitable business form, registering it with the local institutions, obtaining the necessary business permits and licenses and, of course, help you prepare the required documents that have to be notarized and submitted with the local institutions. 

After this, our solicitor in Marbella can provide you with tax advice and accounting services, which are necessary for all business owners in SpainOur lawyer is qualified to assist you in preparing financial documents, submitting tax returns, VAT returns, paying the employment taxes and numerous others. 

You can also receive legal representation if you want to start a business in Marbella by registering a branch office or a subsidiary. Our lawyer is also able to help you obtain a registered business address, which is necessary for all company types, and the simplest way in this sense is to request the services of a virtual office, if this option is more suitable to your business plans. For more information on how our team can help you and for legal representation, please contact our Spanish law firm.