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Legal Services in Valencia

Legal Services in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain which is why it also attracts a big number of investors on a yearly basis. Valencia is also recognized as a “global city” and the Port of Valencia is the 5th largest container port in Europe. Foreign investors can find many business opportunities in the Valencia as it is built around the Orange Blossom Coast, one of Spain’s largest industrial zones. If you are interest in starting a business or moving to Valencia, our law firm in Spain can provide you with legal services.

Legal services for foreign investors in Spain

Thanks to its immense investment opportunities, many foreign entrepreneurs will find Valencia the perfect place to set up a company in. Before getting started legal advice should be taken into consideration in order to start operating as soon as possible. Our legal team is made up of Spanish lawyers who can advise foreign investors on how to open a company and who can also help them with the preparation of the documentation related to starting a business in Valencia. Foreign enterprisers will be interested to know they can set up one of the following types of companies in Valencia:

  • –          limited liability companies,
  • –          public limited companies,
  • –          partnerships.

For those starting at a smaller scale, our lawyers can help them set up a sole proprietorship in Valencia. Among the other services our lawyers provide are also assistance in hiring employees.

Assistance in taxation matters in Valencia

Starting business also requires knowledge about the country’s taxation system. Our Spanish law firm can provide investors with all the information regarding the taxes their companies must pay in Valencia, but also with information about the tax advantages they can benefit from. Our Spanish attorneys can also help them register for taxation purposes with the local authorities.

Legal services for foreign citizens moving to Valencia

Whether seeking employment and want to apply for a work permit or simply want to immigrate to Spain, our lawyers can help you with the visa application and the preparation of the required documentation. Our lawyers in Spain can also help foreign citizens if they want to buy a property in Valencia. Assistance can also be supplied in other matters related to the Spanish Family Law, such as marriage registration, divorce, child support and so on.

If you need legal assistance of any kind, do not hesitate to contact our Spanish lawyers.