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Legal Services in Seville

Legal Services in Seville

The fourth largest city in Spain, Seville is the capital of autonomous province with the same name. Seville is also the 30th city in Europe by the number of inhabitants which is what makes it one of the most prosperous cities on the Old Continent. Seville’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) accounts for a quarter of the Andalusia total GDP, as most cities in the region depend on its economy. The most developed industry in the region is agriculture, but the city is also surrounded by several industrial parks which gather some of the largest companies in the services sector. Another important characteristic of Seville is its infrastructure, which is currently among the most developed in the country. These are just a few of the reasons many foreign investors seeking for new investment places have chosen Seville.

Legal assistance in opening a company in Seville

Many foreign enterprises have started to set up companies in Spain, and especially in Seville because of the its flourishing economy. Before getting started, it is important to acquire some information about the legislation related to the Spanish Commercial Code. With a vast experience in corporate law, our Spanish lawyers can help you with the following:

  • –          choosing the right type of company to register;
  • –          drafting the company’s Articles of Association;
  • –          filing the relevant documentation with the Spanish Commercial Register;
  • –          obtaining the relevant trade licenses.

Apart from these, our Spanish attorneys can also provide you with information about the legislation favoring foreign investments in certain areas of activity.

Legal services related to taxation of companies in Seville

Spain has a very favorable taxation system when it comes to corporate taxes. However, in order to help foreign entrepreneurs to benefit the most from this system, our lawyers in Spain can provide them with personalized tax optimization solutions for those opening companies in Seville which include:

  • –          maximizing their profits by taking advantage of Spain’s double tax treaties;
  • –          providing them with information about the low taxes certain types of companies can benefit from;
  • –          assistance in registering companies that benefit from reduced taxes.

Legal services for foreign citizens relocating to Seville

The legal services provided by our Spanish law firm do not apply only to foreign investors, but to simple citizens as well. Whether you need assistance in obtaining a residence or a work permit in Seville, you can request the services of our lawyers in Spain. You can also rely on our legal team if you need legal aid related to other civil matters, such as marriage registration or divorce.

For complete information about all legal services available in Seville, please contact our law firm in Spain.