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Legal Advice in Spain

Legal Advice in Spain

Legal advice in Spain can be obtained by any natural person or legal entity that needs professional assistance on a given legal matter. The services provided by our law firm in Spain are available for both Spanish residents and nationals and foreigners as well. Legal advice can refer to any aspect regulated by the Spanish legislation, such as immigration, civil rights, starting a company here, investing in Spain, to name only some of the few basic areas of law where one may need legal assistance

Considering that legal advice covers numerous aspects, we invite you to address to our team of Spanish lawyers for in-depth assistance on all the legal services you can receive in Spain. If you are a foreigner and you do not speak Spanish, you can rely on our team to provide you with accurate information on the Spanish law in several international foreign languages. 

Legal advice in Spain for natural persons 

If you are a natural person and you need legal advice in Spain, our team can offer extensive information on any aspect of the law that can be of interest for an individual. Depending on the particularities of your case, you may also need to be represented in a Spanish court, and you must know that our lawyers can assist in court proceedings as well. Some of the basic ways in which our team of lawyers in Spain can help you are the following: 

  • getting married in Spain – this service is generally required by foreigners interested in getting married in Spain and who need information on the local requirements;
  • divorce in Spain – couples can nowadays divorce following much simpler procedures, as the law was modified to ease this complicated process;
  • inheritance – our team of lawyers can help those who want to sign a will in Spain or those who are the legitimate heirs;
  • immigration and residence– the procedures for immigration can vary based on the nationality of the foreigner and this is why we highly recommend you to receive legal advice in Spain;
  • taxation for natural persons – those who obtain taxable income as natural persons have to register for taxes and submit specific forms;
  • litigation in Spain – it refers to legal actions that must be dealt with in a local court, where, in most of the cases, the help of a Spanish lawyer is needed. 

Legal advice in Spain for corporate entities 

The services our team can offer are also created to cover the needs of corporate entities which can be local businesses or foreign companies wishing to expand in Spain. Our team can assist companies that are already operating here or on foreign markets, but it must be noted that legal advice in Spain can also be obtained by those who want to start a local business. 

Here, our law firm in Spain can help investors in preparing and signing the company’s incorporation documents, selecting a suitable legal entity, obtaining business licenses and permits, registering with the local institutions and completing any other step that is required by the law when starting a company.

Legal advice in Spain also covers the procedures one must follow when purchasing a property or signing a rental agreement for corporate entities. Our team has the necessary expertise in presenting the legislation on various types of contracts that can be signed by corporate entities and you must also know that legal advice in Spain includes assistance on accounting, audit and tax compliance, which are common procedures for both local and foreign companies. 

What should one know on becoming a lawyer in Spain? 

The profession of a lawyer in Spain is regulated by the national legislation. Legal advice in Spain can only be offered to individual or corporate clients by those who have gained a diploma which grants them the right to offer certain legal services, in various areas regulated by the law. With regards to this matter, one should know the following:

  • the need to have a diploma is regulated by the Law 34/2006 and the Royal Decree 775/2011;
  • •this legal profession is regulated by numerous acts, such as the Spanish Constitution of 1978, the Law 2/1974 on Professional Associations or the Law 1/1996 on Legal Aid;
  • •persons providing legal advice in Spain and who are lawyers have to be registered with one of the 83 bar associations registered here, such as the Bar Association of Madrid;
  • lawyers in Spain who provide corporate legal advice and services can gain in a financial year (measured for 2018) EUR 50,000 – EUR 75,000 when they have 3-7 years of experience;
  • the annual salary can reach EUR 120,000 – EUR 160,000 in the case of those who have more than 15 years of experience in providing corporate legal services

If you want to receive legal advice in Spain, please contact our law firm. You can receive professional assistance from our team in other legal matters, such as international family law and obtaining a visa for business purposes. Our team of Spanish lawyers can help you solve a legal issue through the power of attorney as well.