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Lawyers in Alicante

Lawyers in Alicante

Our team of lawyers in Spain have numerous offices across the country. Thus, if you want to start a business in a Spanish region or to relocate to a certain Spanish area, as a foreigner, you can always rely on our local team of attorneys. Foreigners who are interested in the region of Alicante, for personal or business purposes can always address to our office in this city. 

Our lawyer in Alicante is qualified to provide you with a wide range of legal services, designed for business  purposes, but also for natural persons. Thus, our law firm in Spain can provide legal advice on starting a business here, relocating for investment purposes, immigrating here for employment purposes or for personal reasons (getting married in Alicante or reuniting with family members). 

You can also rely on our lawyer in Alicante for tax advice and tax assistance. Our tax services are designed for both individuals and businesses, and our team can help you understand the tax obligations you have to complete once you relocate here on a temporary or permanent basis. Below, you can find our a part of our legal services available in Alicante

What are the main corporate services in Alicante?

Whether you are a Spanish businessman or a foreign investor, you may need the legal services of our lawyer in Alicante in the case in which you want to set up a company here. Although the incorporation of a company can be done without the legal representation of a lawyer, specific registration requirements have to be completed with the participation of a lawyer

However, regardless if you consider that you can complete the registration of the company without legal representation, it is always best to address to a Spanish law firm, as the registration process can be completed without any kind of problem. If you decide to request the legal services of our lawyer in Alicante, you can benefit from the following: 

  • legal advice on deciding which business form is much more suitable to your business needs;
  • assistance in registering a company name with the local institutions;
  • preparing and signing the company’s statutory documents and preparing the set of documents that are usually required by the Spanish institutions upon the registration of a company;
  • legal representation during the registration formalities with all the Spanish institutions;
  • obtaining business permits, licenses and other authorizations that can be required for your business;
  • representing the investors in the process of opening a bank account;
  • helping in selecting a business office (here, we can also recommend the services of a virtual office, but this will depend based on the type of activity that you will develop). 

The above mentioned represent only the basic services investors can benefit from when addressing to our lawyer in Alicante during the processing of starting a company. However, our law firm in Spain is qualified to provide additional corporate services – for instance, you can address to us for any inquiry you may have concerning the accounting procedures applicable to local businesses. 

Foreign buyers in Alicante 

Being a touristic attraction with approximately 300  sunny days per year and having a vibrant lifestyle, Alicante is a place that attracts numerous foreigners, who arrive here for various reasons – personal or business. Alicante is also one of the Spanish regions with the highest rate of foreign owners of properties. Below, you can find out few important aspects regarding this matter:

  • according to the data of the Spanish Land Registry, in the 2nd quarter of 2019, Alicante was the 1st Spanish region on the share of foreign purchases of properties – accounting for 42%;
  • in comparison, the next regions have the following shares – Tenerife 29%, Malaga 28% and the Balearics 27%;
  • on the opposite side, Barcelona and Madrid had the lowest shares of foreign buyers – 9% and 6%;
  • this can be a consequence of numerous factors, but the prices of properties definitely represent an important matter – for instance, in Alicante, the average price for a square meter of property is EUR 1,555;
  • in comparison, in the Barcelona region, the average cost for a square meter is EUR 2,693.

Natural persons, alike foreign investors, who want to purchase a property here are invited to contact our lawyer in Alicante, who can offer legal support throughout the entire procedure. Individuals can contact our law firm in Spain if they need information on various civil matters such as the divorce procedure, debt collection cases, adoption, obtaining a visa or a residence permit and numerous others.