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Foreign Investments in Spain

Foreign Investments in Spain

Due to its excellent geographic location in Europe, the infrastructure, the culture and proper trade activities with countries worldwide, Spain is an important player in the global economy. Foreign direct investments have always been a significant part of the modernization of Spain for more than 35 years, even when the country struggled with the economic crisis which affected numerous states. Many key industries in Spain are analyzed by foreign investors, such as banking, food, chemicals, insurance, education or infrastructure. With full potential of investmentsSpain is open to all entrepreneurs willing to invest and gain money in varied areas, where the legislation is based on equality for both local and foreign businessmen and also interesting benefits. Our lawyers in Spain can offer complete legal support for all those interested in making investments in Spain.

Why invest in Spain

Spain offers interesting opportunities for foreign investors because many multinational companies have their offices in this country. The country has a cultural proximity to Latin America and a developed tourism that is well-known all over the world, an efficient network of transport etc. In the video below you can watch important details about the foreign investments in Spain and the reasons why you should direct your attention to this country.

Spain offers a well-trained workforce and a good quality of life which is appreciated by the foreign investors who are also attracted by the legislation that encourages foreign investments. They enjoy a non-discriminatory environment and have the possibility of opening any type of company in Spain,  with the same advantages as for the local entrepreneurs. The foreign entrepreneurs have restrictions in certain fields, such as radio, television, gaming, and air transport sectors, but these are applied only to investors who come from outside the European Union.

Invest in the main industries of Spain

The automotive sector in Spain is one of the major fields where foreign direct investments have been absorbed, most companies being entirely foreign-owned. The export sector, the food industry, the financial sector and the raw material production are attractive areas for those who want to make investments. As an example, overseas companies operate about one-third of the insurance market in Spain. It is good to know that the Spanish government encourages the FDIs in the country, being aware of the major significance for the economy of the country. The legislation regarding foreign direct investments in Spain has been revised in December 2016, but no particular changes have been made, considering that the law in this matter is already permissible. For instance, any foreign investor who wants to establish his/her presence on the Spanish market can have 100% ownership in companies, but with small exceptions in areas like media. We remind that our Spanish lawyers can explain the legislation regarding the FDIs in Spain and can also help any entrepreneur set up a company in the country.

Foreign control and the right to ownership in Spain

Even though Spain has numerous fruitful economic collaborations with important countries worldwide (Portugal, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc.), the United States is the primary investor in the country’s main industries.  Furthermore, even if Spain is open to foreign direct investments, there are several restrictions imposed for entrepreneurs from non-EU (European Union) states, where certain regimes and conditions of investments apply in sectors like gambling, national defence, air transportation and media. According to the legislation regarding the foreign direct investments in Spain of non-EU companies, these entities can own no more than 25% of the shares.

For more details about the foreign investments in Spain and the opportunities offered by this country, you may contact our law firm in Spain.

Foreign investors who want to relocate here on long-term basis have the possibility of renting or acquiring a property. Regardless of the option chosen, our real estate lawyers in Spain can provide tailored assistance. 

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