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Company Administration in Spain

Company Administration in Spain

Company administration refers to the steps that must be completed in order to establish the internal structure of the company, as well as its management. This aspect is necessary for all types of companies available in Spain, as prescribed by the local legislation. The investors will have to set up the board of directors, to appoint the company’s secretary, establish internal rules and regulations applicable in particular situations. Such procedures are necessary for a proper functioning of a Spanish company and, moreover, they are important for achieving various business goals. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer more details on how to set up the administration of the company

Organizational structure in a Spanish company  

Companies operating in Spain are organized under a certain structure, which basically sets up the hierarchy in the respective company. The organizational structure can depend upon the size of the company, the number of employees, its departments, but it can also vary based upon the company’s business objectivesOur team of attorneys in Spain can offer more information on this subject.

The structure provides a clear image on the main pillars of decision in a company and it designates the way in which the roles are set up. 

The following video offers a short presentation on the company administration in Spain:

Each company can be set up in two different manners: 

• centralized structure;

decentralized structure

In the situation of a centralized structure, the decisions referring to any corporate matters are taken by the individuals who represent the top management

In a decentralized structure, each of the company’s departments will have the right to decide upon a specific subject. 

Types of organizational structures in Spain  

There are several types of organizational structures that can be used by investors when setting up a company in Spain

The functional structure is generally used by businessmen when they set up the company based upon several departments, which have to complete a single function within the company

Another way to organize a business is through the divisional structure, which is represented by the fact that the functions within the company have been re-organized by product or by region

Investors can also set up a matrix structure, which represents a combination of the above mentioned types of internal structures

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